Congratulations to Lauren Kelso on her promotion to Shodan- 1st Degree Black Belt

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Pi Chuan Explained:Vol 1

How to perform Pi Chuan or chopping fist


Bagua Question

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Shuto depends on the Beggar Hand

Shuto depends upon proper use of the beggar hand.


Women’s Self Defense

Many schools claim to offer expert instruction to help women and smaller people to defend themselves, yet continue to teach techniques which rely on strength to perform. This idea is totally unrealistic. At Dharma Way Dojo we teach self -defense by employing the concept of dissipation of force. We teach the use of leverage, and…

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Dan Tien: The Origin of Form

This video discusses how to move from the Dantien within the realm of the internal martial arts. The Dantien is the balance point of the body, it should cause the movement of all the other joints. This will create harmony between all the parts eliminating gaps while setting the practitioner’s timing. Structure is very important…


The fundamental principle of hand to hand combat

This video discusses a fundamental principle of hand to hand combat. You won’t find this information in the vast majority of schools. Step, rotate and replace describes a simultaneous movement which will allow one to shed force and return force to your attacker. Step, rotate, replace comprise the absolute basics of every kata, taolu and…