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Qi Gong at Dharma Way Dojo

Qi Gong demo for neck, back & spine

Qigong pronounced ( Chee Gong) literally means energy training. Gong in the Chinese language is defined as a skill acquired through time and hard work. Thus Qigong is learning a skill from working with and exercising one’s Qi for a period of time.

Qigong has three main categories, martial qigong, medical qigong and spiritual qigong. There are many ways to blend these together and in reality, it is difficult to isolate them because they are all dependent upon each other.

At Dharma Way Dojo and Self Defence Solutions we offer private and small group instruction in all three categories of Qigong and will tailor a program to suit your individual needs and goals. These could be for health, for martial arts, or for spiritual development and self-realization, or any combination.

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The development of Qigong and its history goes back over three thousand years. Its growth has been steady and research into the art extensive. But when one learns to silent and concentrate the mind, and with intent move energy through the body, then it’s possible to accomplish some amazing things in the realm of health and martial arts.

Steve is very studied in the arts of qigong. His extensive knowledge and practice of Buddhist and Taoist meditation techniques combined with over twenty five years as a practitioner and teacher of Chinese medicine guarantees you will have a competent guide on your qigong journey.

Just some of the qigong forms Steve teaches include 8 trigram organ qigong, five animal qigong, Chinese medicine qigong, white crane hard and soft qigong, dragon and tiger qigong, heaven and earth qigong, tai chi qigong, standing qigong, Yi Chuan, 8 pieces of brocade, and baguazhang qigong.

Steve believes any mind/body development art in which one engages with intent is a qigong by definition. Thus, all martial arts are a qigong, but there are some movements which are considered martial qigong because they are designed to develop a specific type of energy to match the needs of a particular martial art.

The same is true of medical qigong. First, we have to ascertain what the problem is we wish to remedy. We have to determine the character of the malady according to Chinese Medicine pattern diagnosis. Only then can we choose a specific qigong program to create the correct balance of physical and mental energy needed to remedy the problem.

The vast majority of Qigong public classes with many students can never go beyond general application. These classes often leave students feeling as if they’re missing something, and they are right, they miss a lot of potential benefits.

To obtain the deeper benefits of qigong training it requires discovering what one’s actual Qi feels like, it has to be identifiable, then it has to be enhanced, then directed in a specific way. To reach this level it will require more than generalized and amateurish instruction.

Steve treats and teaches people everyday in a myriad of these arts ranging from Chinese medicine to martial arts and qigong. Give us a call and find out how knowledgeable and experienced instruction tailored for you can make a difference.

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