Shorin Ryu Matsumura Karate

Traditional Internal Martial Arts & Self Defence classes in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Shorin Ryu Matsumura Karate at Dharma Way Dojo

At Dharma Way Dojo and Self Defense Solutions we are honored to teach our lineage of Mastsumura Karate. The style we teach is very direct to the founder of the art, Bushi Matsumura, who taught his grandson Nabe Matsumura who taught his nephew Hohan Soken who taught Steve’s teachers in Okinawa.

At Dharma Way Dojo and Self Defense Solutions you can learn the oldest katas, or forms, within the oldest style of karate. It is a very stand up style, practical and to the point. Steve is considered an expert in the bunkai, or the application of the art.

The syllabus consists of, but is not limited to 30 kihon, or basic techniques, five pinan kata, three nahanchi kata, Passia So and Passai Dai, Chinto, Rohai, Kusanku, Gojushiho, and Hakutsuru. We also teach bo, or staff, sai, kama, nunchuku, and tonfa.

Steve is also credited by the AOOMKA with his own style within this lineage and holds the official title of Kyoshi, Faith Teacher, with a 7th Dan ranking. Therefore, he is authorized to promote up to 6th Degree black belt.

Regarding promotions, Steve wants everyone to rise in rank because it is a confirmation of reaching a level of understanding and competency in their art. It is good to receive recognition. However, Steve has actually only promoted 6 people to Brown Belt and 2 people to Black Belt in the last 10 years. You earn it here.

As he says often, “Quality over quantity. If I promote you to Black belt it is because you have overcome something in yourself which was holding you back. That means you can teach, and demonstrate the applications. You are no longer the same person as when you started, you have grown and been able to let go and allow your karate to reach the spiritual part of yourself. That’s where all fights are won anyway.”

Steve believes most karate taught today is too hard, too tense. He teaches karate the way he believes it was intended, leading the way for students to blend hard and soft. Many people practice martial arts in ways that cause injuries to themselves, one has to understand how power is generated without tensing to the point of detriment.

This art is challenging, but a lot of fun. Imagine knowing and practicing kata that Okinawans of two hundred years ago also practiced. Steve also teaches this lineage of Shroin Ryu karate through the five animal styles found within it: crane, tiger, snake, leopard and dragon.

If you really want to get to the heart of karate and discover its secrets for the mind, body, and spirit for yourself give us a call.

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