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Welcome to Dharma Way Dojo and Self Defence Solutions

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Master the Art of Self Defence with Traditional Martial Arts Training in Christchurch

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Discover our private and small group classes at our Christchurch dojo. Our Dojo is in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Classes are private, or in small groups, and by appointment only.

Whether your goal is health enhancement, acquiring self-defence skills, spiritual and consciousness exploration, or a combination of these we will tailor a program to meet your needs. Feel free to watch our videos, and look over our site. Don’t forget to contact us for two free lessons with no obligation.

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About Dharma Way and Self Defence Solutions

Dharma means cosmic law and order. In other words the truth of the Buddha’s teaching. Of course it goes much deeper than that, but in our context it means the truth.

Dojo is a school, a place where martial arts are taught.

Therefore we are a school which teaches the true way, or Tao, of the martial arts.

Self Defense Solutions is our parent holding and refers to our outside teaching business available for government departments, corporate groups, and private entities seeking methods and instruction in the area of personal protection for their employees, associates and personnel.


The Self Defence Program

Our self-defence program sets us apart in the industry. Watch these videos and find out why the dissipation of force principle is the only way to survive a real violent encounter. We now offer approved certification in self-defence up to master instructor level. Our one on one instruction is proving very popular.

Traditional Martial Arts at Dharma Way Dojo

Tai Chi

We teach the old Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan founded by Yang Lu Chan, it’s what the Yang style used to be until it was neutered by Yang, Chen Fu who removed the martial aspects. But without learning the traditional way you will never gain the healing benefits. Watch our video and feel free to contact us and find out why learning this art with us is the best choice.

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Bagua Zhang

Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua Zhang, and Hsing I Chuan comprise the three big internal martial arts of China. Bagua Zhang means eight trigram palm. This art is characterized by circling and coiling movements; great for self-defence and has an equally deserved reputation for rehabilitating the back and spine.

Hsing I Chuan

Hsing I Chuan literally means mind form boxing. Correct practice of this art produces enormous amounts of power, along with balancing one’s energy with the meridians and extraordinary vessels according to traditional Chinese medicine.

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Shorin Ryu Matsumura Karate

The Matsumura system of Okinawan karate is the oldest known lineage. We specialize in teaching the bunkai of the kata, or applications for self-defence, and we teach the oldest traditional katas in the Shorin Ryu system. This is the granddaddy from which all other karate systems derived. Find out how learning real karate can make all the difference at Dharma Way Dojo.

Qi Gong

Qi gong: Qi or function exercise. There are many Qi Gong sets, and many teachers, but without learning it the traditional way: where the I, (intent or concept) leads the Chi, its practice can become a waste of time. Knowledgeable instruction from a Chinese medicine practitioner is almost essential to gain the benefits available.

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