I’m more confident, more coordinated… and I feel great!

I was first introduced to Steve Allen at the age of 23, I had been suffering from chronic urinary tract infections from the age of 17, I had seen numerous amounts of doctors and specialists and the only outcome was taking more and more antibiotics but the problem wouldn’t go away.

I started acupuncture and hypnotherapy treatments with Steve, as well as following some nutritional guide lines and after a short time I was feeling so much healthier and people would comment on how well I looked.

After a few months of treatments Steve recommended I should study a Martial Art with him. I have been studying two arts, Bagua and Karate, for just over two years now! My infection never came back, I am a blue belt and I am so much more confident in everything I do. I feel a lot more coordinated with my mind and body.

Steve’s teaching is one of a kind he is a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend him to anyone with health issues, injuries or just interested in learning.”