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Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi is known and proven to improve balance, memory, coordination, reduce blood pressure, and as a powerful vehicle for reducing stress – but did you also know it is also a powerful martial art.

The phrase Tai Chi Chuan means Grand Ultimate Martial Art. It is usually used to improve the Qi, or life force energy of the Yin organs in Chinese medicine; the heart, lungs, pericardium, kidney, liver and spleen.

There are many styles of Tai Chi taught throughout the world today; Chen, Yang, Wu, Wuu, Ho and Sun are the major ones. Steve teaches the Old Yang Style of the founder Yang Lu Chan, who learned in the Chen village. He teaches the actual Fa Jin, or power release, which is not usually taught within the new Yang style of Yang Chen Fu.

This style was founded by Yang Lu Ch’an also known as Yang the invincible sometime in the early 1800’s, and the style predates the Yang Chen Fu style now popularly taught. Yang Lu Cha’an was the grandfather of Yang Chen Fu.

We also teach Tai Chi Ball, a fun way to practice coordinating your mind and body, which can quickly help you to find your soong, and to experience the old Tai Chi adage of, “If one parts moves, all parts move.”

We also teach a 32 movement Tai Chi Sword Form, rarely found in New Zealand and very beautiful, flowing, and heaps of fun to learn and practice while building your inner Qi.

But beware:

Many so-called Tai Chi classes don’t actually teach any traditional form of Tai Chi. They may cost less, but they don’t deliver to students the techniques necessary to gain the benefits of practice. If your instructor doesn’t know the style they teach, or if their students have never even heard of the Tai Chi Classics, then it’s doubtful that they are learning anything but a facsimile of the real art.

Learn from an experienced and recognized Master with a true lineage. There is a saying in the Chinese Martial Arts, “It is better to look for a good teacher for twelve years than to study with a bad one for one year.”


Because it’s easier to learn good habits in the beginning than trying to unlearn bad habits later.

If you’re ready to get to the roots of Tai Chi, really get to understand it from a mental, physical and spiritual level and to truly develop that elusive thing called Qi, give us a call. You will really love learning this beautiful art.

You have assurance when studying with us you will gain the true and correct foundations so necessary in Tai Chi to achieve the health and meditative benefits of practice. We teach using the Tai Chi Classics as a foundational guide, you will receive a free copy of this Ebook, and you will learn the meaning of Soong, or rooting, and Peng, and all the other power manifestations known as Jin in Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Ball Qigong

chiballTai Chi Ball Qi Gong is a set of movements done with a regular size ball resembling a soccer ball. It can be a bit larger or smaller based on the practitioner’s comfort level.

By keeping a ball in your hands, and utilizing the different methods of rotating it in 3 dimensional space, you will learn how to coordinate the spine and loosen the shoulders, arms and low back; so very crucial for performing Tai Chi and reaping the deeper health benefits.

As far as we know, this popular and effective variation of Tai Chi is currently not being taught anywhere in the South Island except through DharmaWay Dojo.

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