Self Defence


I have been teaching self-defence for over 30 years. As a former police and corrections officer in the U.S.A. I know the nature and results of violence and what it takes to survive violent encounters.

I have successfully defended myself from armed psychopaths, and convicted murderers bent on making me their next victim. Techniques alone don’t work, it requires flow, the mind must not be stuck, the body must be agile and free, and your intent strong.

That being said, size and strength do matter – but I can show you how to neutralize your attacker’s size and strength and to take advantage of your own balance and coordination, while producing fight-ending power quickly.

I am not teaching a sport, or how to win a contest, but how to survive a real assault where the only rule is, there is no rule.”

Master Steven Allen

Real, effective self defence

At DharmawayDojo you can choose to study pure self-defence, and although we teach a variety of traditional martial arts (which are great for meditation and body/mind coordination), we recognize some students simply want the fitness, self-confidence and skill from practicing real and effective self defense.

The mind plays as big a part in defending yourself, as does the state of your body. Without a relaxed mind, flow will not occur – resulting in sluggish movement, which stops and starts. This can be deadly in a real encounter.

Maybe you work in a job which by its nature can be confrontational, maybe you are an enforcement officer, or a student concerned about safety or a housewife home alone and would like to know how to properly handle a physical assault.

Let’s face the facts. The Police cannot protect you, good Samaritans are hard to find today, violence is on the rise and we read and hear more and more about serious violent assaults being perpetrated on the innocent every day.

It’s a great feeling when you know how to defend yourself

Wouldn’t it be great to have the self-confidence and knowledge to know you can keep yourself and loved ones safe from the next psychopath who may be targeting you and your family?

It doesn’t matter your age, gender, fitness level or amount of strength, we can show you the effective way to stay safe.

Don’t trust your life to a system or a teaching not proven in the real world. Steve’s  experiences as a former Policeman and Corrections Officer (U.S.A.) and his high qualifications in martial arts has led him to teach many people, including Corrections and Police Officers, to properly deal with confrontation and violence.

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