Qi Gong

Tai Chi Ball Qi Gong

Tai Chi Ball Qi Gong

The true essence of all martial arts

Qi, pronounced chi, actually means function or life force. In Chinese culture everything has Qi.

Qi Gong is working and exercising Qi – it implies correctness and skill resulting from dedicated practice. When this occurs the practitioner is known to possess Gong Fu.

All martial arts are a Qi Gong. There are medical Qi Gongs as well, and at DharmaWay Dojo we teach many types of Qi Gong in order to help students exercise, build, and restore their Qi – depending upon their needs and interests.

Each martial art, whether internal or external, has a specific Qi Gong set to enhance the basic skills of the art. We teach Tai Chi Qi Gong to help restore the yin and function of the organs; we teach more yang types of Qi Gong found in Hsing I and Bagua to restore the Yang function.

To enhance the skills of our Karate students we offer White Crane Hard and Soft Qi Gong, rarely known in most Karate schools today. This style trains whipping action along with other skills so crucial to performing real, traditional, high level Karate.

Why it’s important to have a qualified instructor

Learning Qi Gong from an unqualified instructor is dangerous. Many things can go wrong when one attempts to increase the capacity of the energetic flow to the body/mind, and an unknowledgeable instructor may not be able to help the student to rebalance.  This can cause severe mental and or physical debility.

Master Allen, former lecturer and qualified practitioner of Chinese Medicine brings many years of experience teaching and helping students stay balanced as they build their energetic capacity. Slow and steady is best and Master Allen’s knowledge insures you will learn, build and direct your Qi safely and effectively.

Many people report when correctly taught Qi Gong how chronic muscular and joint pain eased and disappeared, joint mobility noticeably increased, their mental health improved, blood pressure and stress decreased substantially, thereby increasing the body/mind’s ability to sleep and heal.

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