Hsing I

Hsing I

Hsing I

Hsing I Chuan

Hsing I Chuan means mind/form boxing. It has been known since ancient times as a great builder of Yang Qi, or the active moving force of the body/mind.

Known for the prowess of its practitioners in hand to hand combat, it is also known as a great health restorer.

Helping your body and mind to de-stress

The art of Hsing I Chuan consists of the 5 fists which correspond to Chinese Medicine meridians. As a Chinese Medicine practitioner with years of experience I can show you how the movements of this art can restore and build Qi, and unblock obstructed Qi – thus helping your body to heal and the mind to de-stress. Several students have taken up this ancient art at DharmaWay Dojo and experienced great health benefits from their practice.

We teach the five postures and the 5-element linking form, primarily in the Hebei style, with some Shanxi style thrown in as well.

We also teach a fun, very beautiful staff form, rare indeed in Christchurch or all of New Zealand.

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